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Pronouns: they/them


Holder of a bachelor's degree in sexology from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Alexandre has worked for several years in non-profit organizations, as a facilitator of sex education workshops.


Being part of the trans community himself, they work closely with gender diverse people and their families.  They are therefore well aware of the realities experienced by this population, such as transphobia and oppression, transition steps and coming-out. During their career, they have also had the chance to touch on the following themes: STBBIs/HIV, consensual non-monogamy, neurodiversity, sex work, drug use, mental health, infidelity, alternative sexual practices (BDSM), self-esteem and body image, fantasies and erotic universe.


In addition, they still regularly offer workshops on various themes related to the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community, such as the integration of trans people in emergency housing organizations or in the workplace.

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License: 202004-006  


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