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Pronouns: she/her


Sexologist, artist, practicing and continuing her training in the art therapy microprogram, she worked for a long time in community organizations. Her experience is primarily with vulnerable womxn, sexual health and victims of sexual assault. She works with people individually and in groups. She creates and leads workshops and training.  

Defining herself as pansexual, she fights on a daily basis against the oppressions that marginalized people may experience. She tries to raise the awareness of the people she meets on issues related to inclusive and less heteromonocisnormative language. It is important for her to adapt each intervention to the reality and the experience of the person in front of her, and in the most intersectional way possible. She is aware that there is always room for improvement on this matter.  

Her particularity is to quickly promote a climate of openness and non-judgment, and to use alternative tools to promote the resources of her clients. She sees her role as one of support of your inner self-exploration, a mirror that will reflect blind spots and provoke reflections. She believes in social reinsertion and the potential for change; you are the best person to take back control of your situation. She wants you to leave her office with more confidence in your strengths, better ability to listen to yourself, and greater satisfaction in your relationships.

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License: 202004-007