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Pronouns: she/her
Clinical sexology intern

Currently a master's student in clinical sexology at UQAM, Marie-Daphné offers individual sessions based on a psychodynamic approach. Her work is based on attentive listening, being present with emotions, bodily sensations and thoughts, as well as the development of a collaborative, respectful and caring therapeutic relationship. She wishes to create an open and safe space to welcome you as you are, in your gender, sexual, ethnic, religious or spiritual affiliations and challenges. She adopts a posture of non-judgment and curiosity in the face of each person's unique experiences and focuses on the co-construction of meaning to support you in reducing your difficulties and improving your well-being.

With a bachelor's degree in sexology from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and a certificate in mental health from the University of Montreal, Marie-Daphné also completed undergraduate and graduate studies in the science of religions at UQAM.

As a sexologist, Marie-Daphné works mainly with people from sexual and gender diversity as well as people who have experienced interpersonal or sexual trauma. Her therapeutic approach is anchored in feminist, intersectional, inclusive and transaffirmative values. She firmly believes that everyone has the capacities and internal resources necessary for their own development.

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License: 202306-041  


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