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Pronouns: she/her
Sexology and psychotherapy


Sexologist and psychotherapist, I have a bachelor's degree and a clinical master's degree in sexology from the Université du Québec à Montreal. I am trained according to existential-humanist and systemic approaches.

The development of a non-hierarchical therapeutic alliance where respect, benevolence and non-judgment reign is central to therapy. My humanist approach is tinged with feminist and anti-oppressive values. In all humility, I take an interest in your complexity by discovering with curiosity and kindness your life course and your difficulties. My training in existential-humanist approach leads me to see the relationship that forms between the therapist and the client as the main tool for fostering long-term changes. In therapy, I am dynamic, engaged with others and we build together an understanding of your problem and the objectives to be achieved. I'm specialized in gender and sexual diversity, non-monogamous relationships, non-conventional sexual practices, as well as sexual violence. I am also interested in a wide variety of sexual problems (pain during sexual activity, decrease in desire, addiction, etc.) I also work with couples / polycules, with whom we work on communication techniques and the development of a greater intimacy fostered by sharing each other's emotions and vulnerability.

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License: 202004-007  


Psychotherapist's license issued by OPQ

License: 61974-21

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