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Pronouns: he/him
Clinical sexology intern

Graduate of the bachelor's degree in sexology and intern in clinical sexology at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Akyléa works using the systemic-interactional approach with couples and polycules. She seeks to relate in a caring and authentic way, adopting an attitude of openness and curiosity towards individuals' unique and diverse experiences and identities (gender, sexual, relational, ethnic, religious and/or spiritual). Her experiences in intervention in community settings with marginalized clienteles taught her to welcome people as they present themselves, with gentleness and empathy.

In her clinical practice, Akyléa promotes the subjectivity and agency of individuals (capacity to act on one's life) in the co-construction of meaning and understanding of the relational difficulties experienced. She puts forward an anti-oppressive and inclusive approach to relational, sexual and gender diversity, anchored in intersectional feminism. She also works by focusing on the therapeutic relationship (collaborative link between individuals and the therapist), which she sees as a valuable tool, favorable to change.

Akyléa is particularly interested in relational dynamics, various romantic and sexual configurations (consensual non-monogamy), eroticism and intimacy, as well as mental health issues.

Akyléa only offers her services in French.

For record keeping, Akyléa trusts:

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