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affirming care
(trans and non-binary people)

Several professionals at the Clinique Mestra are able to provide letters of recommendation and/or evaluation reports to access gender-affirming care (access to hormonal replacement therapy, eligibility for surgeries, request for change of name/sex mention to État Civil).  Please take a look at the profiles of each sexologist to see who could support you in your medico-legal transition process or contact us if you have any questions about this service. 

The evaluation sessions required to be able to write these documents are charged according to our sliding scale (thus according to your income). You can normally expect to need between 1 and 3 sessions, depending on your situation, to be able to carry out an exhaustive assessment of your situation and direct you towards relevant services. Subsequently, the equivalent of an additional session at the same level of the sliding scale is charged for the redaction fees of the documents.

Reminder of the sliding scale:

$ 65 / 50-minutes session : Full-time student or financial insecurity

$ 87,50 / 50-minutes session : Annual income of less than $ 45,000

$ 110 / 50-minutes session : Annual income over $ 45,000

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