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Our Privacy Policy

As we value transparency and in accordance with Law 25 regarding the confidentiality of collected data, the Clinique sexologique Mestra provides you with the information and procedures necessary to ensure the security of the data concerning you in the context of your professional relationship with us. 

Each professional involved in the Mestra team acts as an independent worker and is therefore individually responsible for the security of the data collected as part of the services offered to you. You will find, in their individual profile, information about the platform used by each of them for record keeping, and you will have the chance to ask your questions about it during the first session with your professional.


With regard to the data collected for your registration on our waiting list, before having been put in contact with a member of our team, the person mandated to ensure the confidentiality of the data about you is Gabriel-le Beauregard. For any complaint relating to the confidentiality of the data of our waiting list, please contact Gabriel-le Beauregard in this form  by checking "Privacy" in the menu.

Our administrative team is constituted of one of the co-founders and co-owners,  Gabriel-le Beauregard. For the security of the data collected for the administration and for the management of the Clinique Mestra's waiting list, the administrative team is proud to trust: 

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