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Our vision

The Clinique sexologique Mestra was born from the initiative of four sexologists wishing to offer affordable and quality sexology services to marginalized clients. The character of Mestra, taken from Greek mythology, inspired the name of the clinic. According to mythology, Poseidon fell head over heels in love with Mestra and offered her the ability to change her appearance according to her desire. Mestra therefore appears sometimes as a man, sometimes as a cow or a mare to escape perilous situations and therefore represents, for us, a symbol of identity fluidity and resilience.


The vision shared by the center's professionals is one of diversity, inclusivity and authenticity. Indeed, our professionals value the plurality of their clients' experiences and seek to support them while respecting their individual path.


Having worked with marginalized clienteles, our professionals are aware of the limits and oppressions these people face on a daily basis. Their objective is therefore to create a safe environment where their clients can evolve without fear of judgment. Our professionals are transparent and understand the importance of being authentic towards their clients, in order to foster the creation of a bond of trust with them.

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