The professionals at the clinic understand that it is essential to be able to offer affordable sexological or psychosocial services in order to promote access for all. The Clinique sexologique Mestra therefore offers a sliding scale program for its targeted populations*, that is to say that the rate for appointments is determined according to your economic situation:

Individual counselling


$ 60 / 50-minutes session : Full-time student or financial insecurity

$ 80 / 50-minutes session : Annual income of less than $ 45,000

$ 100 / 50-minutes session : Annual income over $ 45,000

Couple / polycule counselling


$ 75 / 50-minutes session : Full-time student or financial insecurity

$ 95 / 50-minutes session : All partners' cumulative annual income under $ 80,000


$ 115 / 50-minutes session : All partners' cumulative annual income over $ 80,000

Note that some of the team's professionals offer 80-minutes sessions.

If you wish to benefit from a longer session or if your professional judges that this would be appropriate and offers it to you, be aware that the rate selected on the scale is then multiplied by 1.5X,

therefore $90 / $120 / $150 individually and $112,50 / $142,50 / $172,50$ as a couple/polycule.

Recommendation letters for hormonal replacement therapy

(trans and non-binary people)

It is possible to make an appointment with some of our sexologists to complete a sexological assessment to obtain a professional recommendation letter for hormonal replacement therapy. The evaluation generally takes place over one or two sessions. The fee for writing the letter is equal to the price of an additional session (according to the fee chosen on the scale).

* Target customers:

   - 2SLGBTQIAP+ people

   - people who have alternative relational or sexual modes: BDSM, consensual non-monogamy

   - people who work in the sex industry

   - people of color

   - people belonging to neurodiversity ( ASD, ADHD, gifted/intellectual disability, dyslexia, etc. )

In order to guarantee accessibility and availability of our professionals to marginalized people, anyone who does not identify as part of our targeted populations can still access the services by paying the higher price on our sliding scale. 

For training and workshop prices, please contact our professionals.