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Pronouns: she/her/they/them
Clinical sexology intern

Caroline uses a systemic-interactional approach to work with couples and polycules. They seek to create and maintain a safer space for all, welcoming  all genders, sexual orientations or preferences, ethnic backgrounds, and spiritual or religious beliefs. Caroline is committed to respecting differences,  adopting a posture of curiosity about each person's unique experience. They place the co-construction of meaning at the forefront of their work,  accompanying you to better understand yourself individually and in the relationship in order to reduce your difficulties. 

Before entering the Master's degree in clinical sexology at UQAM, Caroline completed a Bachelor's and Master's degree in psychology at the  University of Geneva. They have also worked with victims of interpersonal and sexual violence. Professionally, they are particularly interested in  consensual non-monogamy in all its forms and are continuing their training in existential-humanist and in inclusive anti-oppressive approaches.

For record keeping, Caroline trusts:

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