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Pronouns: she/her
Clinical sexology intern

Karine offers individual therapy as part of her internship in the psychodynamic approach, with a contemporary, inclusive and anti-oppressive lense. She aims to create a place marked by openness and non-judgment where she is committed to welcoming the person gently and establishing a supportive and safe therapeutic relationship.

She encourages relational and sexual well-being by using a practice of co-construction centered on the exploration and discovery of oneself, of one's emotional world, in order to promote, maintain, reconnect with sexual and relational health and to support assertiveness. Her professional interests focus on sexual fulfillment, intimacy, neurodiversity, sexual compulsion, relational, sexual, gender and erotic diversities.

Furthermore, Karine holds a bachelor's as well as a master's degree in career development sciences (counselling profile, Université Laval) as well as preparatory schooling in sexology (UQAM). She continues her studies as a master's candidate in clinical sexology at Université du Québec à Montréal. Cumulating 20 years of professional experience with a varied clientele, she has worked in particular with adolescents, people within the sexual and gender diversity, neurodivergent people, individuals presenting with relational and emotional difficulties, questions about identity or other mental health issues.

For record keeping, Karine trusts:

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